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In The Wild

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In the Wild compares two texts - Brave New World, Aldous Huxley’s novel of ideas and Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s ironic Post-modern film – on the basis of their representation of key issues that include reproductive technology, dehumanisation and the environment using the science fiction genre in contexts that are about 150 years apart. The book contains a brief, but excellent introduction to the science fiction genre and its dystopian worlds. Separate chapters are devoted to introducing each text and its context. Ectogenesis is explained, and key events in the development of reproductive technology are outlined. Brave New World is shown to critique scientific rationalism, and Blade Runner is shown to critique economic rationalism. Three key scenes in both texts are explored in detail to enable the student to make comparisons between the book and the film on the basis of the key issues of reproductive technology, dehumanisation and the environment. In the final chapters the texts are compared using the textual forms of a discussion essay and a feature article. Both texts are ‘A’ range examples.

Target Audience

This book is clearly written, makes complex ideas accessible and facilitates learning. It is mainly targeted at senior students, but it could be used by very bright students in the middle school. In the Wild may be used as a complete program, or sections of it may be included in concept- based units such as the Self, the Environment or the Future. It is a stimulating and informative introduction to a broader study of the science fiction genre.

ISBN 9780985036310

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In The Wild
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In The Wild